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We are committed

As part of our company Vision “WE Value People, WE Build Dreams,” we are committed to fostering inclusion and allyship for our employees, clients, partners, and trade partner communities.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

“WE value people” means ALL people. Few jobs require more collaboration than those in our industry. This makes it all the more important that we continue to explore impactful ways, both large and small, to make our workplace and jobsites more inclusive. Our vision is an environment where every employee-owner at W.E. O’Neil thrives, has opportunity, and contributes as who they are.

W.E. O'Neil's objective is to create a healthier and more inclusive workplace culture for all.

Brian Ramsay, Chief Executive Officer
W.E. O’Neil

DE&I Committees

W.E. O’Neil has regional employee resource groups through which our employee-owners focus on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These committees organize educational and community activities, and they focus on efforts such as training, hiring and retention, and culture and outreach.

Through these activities and with leadership support, we strive to make a difference not only in W.E. O’Neil offices and at jobsites, but also in our industry.

Part of Our Company Strategic Objectives

DE&I is one of W.E. O’Neil’s five company-wide strategic objectives (SOs), which are specific, measurable initiatives, assigned to firm leaders who develop goals and steps we will take toward those goals.

Our Diversity SO’s intention is to develop and deploy best practices nationally. Some items of focus include diversity of our workforce (which should reflect the diversity of our communities), growing the number of women and people of color in senior positions, and—through conversation and training—raise awareness of unconscious biases.

Women of W.E. O’Neil

Our Women of W.E. O'Neil employee resource groups are communities for our women to collaborate and develop within W.E. O'Neil. They provide opportunities for discussion, education, encouragement, and outreach to the community. In chapters throughout the nation, the women in these groups support each other by sharing knowledge, advice, and network opportunities.

Our goals:

  • Ensure that W.E. O'Neil women feel valued and empowered within the company
  • Educate all employees about the unique challenges faced by women in the industry
  • Influence our community by participating in outreach events
  • Elevate the industry overall by making us all stronger

Culture of Care Commitment

We have committed to the Associated General Contractors’ Culture of CARE pledge. CARE stands for Commit, Attract, Retain, and Empower.

W.E. O’Neil is working to create a diverse, safe, welcoming, and inclusive construction industry. We are actively working to ensure that every employee–from the president to the field engineer–has the opportunity to feel valued, respected, and heard.