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Preconstruction: Always Prepared

Proper planning and early collaboration lead to better project outcomes and greater return on investment. Utilizing innovative technologies and expert communication, our preconstruction services minimize surprises, reduce costs, and optimize schedule management. Our collaborative approach ensures transparency, sets expectations, and keeps the entire team informed throughout the project.

  • Preconstruction schedule management
  • Constructability studies
  • Construction estimates
  • Value engineering and cost data analysis
  • Construction logistics
  • Subcontractor prequalification and management
  • Community engagement
Preconstruction Projects

Value That’s On-Target

We thoughtfully develop target costs through fully-detailed construction estimates. This exacting process covers all major disciplines, utilizing subcontractor input as needed.

We work to ensure that all team members and stakeholders are committed to the target cost, and stay on top of permit and GMP phases to minimize scope and budget creep.

  • Decades of experience
  • Innovative tools and technologies
  • Long-standing trade partner relationships
  • Highly accurate bids and alternative, cost-saving options

Fueling Speed to Market

The sooner your project is complete, the sooner your vision and goals can be achieved. Taking this into account, we proactively plan for procuring any long-lead-time items that could slow things down.

  • Glass and glazing systems
  • Pool materials
  • Structural steel
  • MEP
  • Drywall
  • Elevators

Client Stories

Thank you to the entire team for your hard work, passion, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence on the JW Marriott Anaheim Resort.

Ajesh Patel, President and CEO
Prospera Hotels

BHP thanks W.E. O’Neil for developing and constructing such a beautiful building, and for modeling best in class for what affordable housing can be in our community.

Jeremy Durham
Boulder Housing Partners

Absolutely wonderful job. In my 30+ years in the construction industry, the dedication, teamwork, communication, and great results achieved for these AISSS tenant improvement projects by W.E. O’Neil will rank as one of my best experiences! You should rightfully be proud of a job well done! I will sing your praises far and wide and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Perry Becker, Office of the University Architect
Arizona State University | Facilities Development and Management

W.E. O’Neil’s skillful implementation of the design-build process enabled the delivery of many challenging and unique design and construction elements. W.E. O’Neil exceeded our project requirements to design and construct a centerpiece park reflecting the community’s desire for a space which is both modern and harmonious with the project site.

Miriam Mulder, City Architect
City of Santa Monica

From our first walk through with W.E. O’Neil’s construction supervisor to final delivery, their team was professional and executed beautifully. We were able to lease nearly 500 units in six months in large part due to W.E. O’Neil delivering an exceptional product on-time and in process. Their high quality delivery of the residential towers surpassed our expectations. W.E. O’Neil’s craftsmanship and efficiency at turnover was best-in-class. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Aaron Galvin
Luxury Living Chicago Realty

No way did I expect this kind of success on a job. Pandemic? Rain? Tough Site? How about two months early and money back. This is one to remember and celebrate.

James Palda, Senior Director Real Estate Development
Steadfast Development