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Technically Speaking…

Technology drives nearly everything within today’s construction process, from planning to execution. Using the very latest technical tools and systems helps us deliver certainty and premium results, while saving time and money.

  • Precision BIM process
  • Drone-enhanced site analysis
  • Model-based cost estimating
  • 4D schedule visualization

BIM: Profoundly Proactive

BIM processes and technologies greatly enhance building coordination and prefabrication, while reducing issues in the field. By using these technologies, we can proactively identify potential problems, while supporting real-time estimating and constructability reviews. Issues are identified in the model and corrected virtually rather than on the job site, which results in less changes throughout the course of the project.

Improved Space Efficiency
All areas of the building footprint are maximized for optimum use.

Design Simulations
The new facility is fully visualized before construction to evaluate design options.

Smarter Scheduling
Tightly coordinated sequencing and approvals reduce time and cost.

Constructability Confidence
Accurate cost estimates and energy analysis drive execution.

Facilities Management
As-built models simplify ongoing facilities oversight.

Drones: An Overhead View

Drones are used to document field activities and to verify field work. For example, prior to concrete decks being placed, we fly drones to capture images that show where PT cable and other in-slab systems exist. We can also document the location of vertical penetrations and compare those to deck penetration drawings to identify potential issues. Our team uses this information to make decisions and corrections in the field prior to placing concrete. This saves time, money, and rework.


  • Site logistics
  • Terrain calculations
  • Site change documentation

Progress Documentation

  • Site change documentation

Installation Verification

  • Deck/vertical penetration locations
  • Precast/curtain wall/glazing investigation

3D Map Creation

  • Orthomosaic maps

Safety Planning

  • Updated logistics plans with current site layout as site conditions change
  • Site organization and cleanliness verification

Project Management Tech

Through the intelligent use of technology, our teams increase efficiency, optimize project timelines, improve quality, and leverage knowledge.

  • Construction planning, document distribution, project management, and safety software enable better collaboration.
  • Integrated document coordination, change order management, cost control, and cost forecasts allow real-time reporting and paperless collaboration.
  • Historical cost data, quantity take-offs, change management, cost analyses, and estimates from conceptual through final establish more accurate pricing models and control costs.
  • We also use software to develop and analyze construction schedule progress and trade sequencing. Through these, we track construction progress and look-aheads and we analyze procurement and logistics issues.