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Taking the Mystery out of History with Point Cloud Scanning

As historic renovations become increasingly common, so does the looming question for owners and developers: “What’s really in there, and what’s the best way to find out?”

W.E. O’Neil utilizes point cloud scanning technology to answer this question at the outset of adaptive reuse projects. For example, at the 30 East Adams building downtown Chicago, we used point cloud scanning to determine if the 93-year-old structure matched its original construction documents. As it turned out, it didn’t, as is the case with many historic buildings in Chicago.

By scanning each floor of the building, we were able to get an accurate representation of the concrete beam locations in order to avoid coordination issues when installing the building’s new MEP systems. More to come in advance of the 2019 opening!

Developer: Cedar Street Companies
Architect: SPACE Architects + Planners
General Contractor: W.E. O’Neil Construction