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Celebrating Women in Construction

W.E. O’Neil is proud to employ women across the country in roles throughout our organization.

March 7th-11th marks Women in Construction Week!

In total, women make up 22.2% of our employee-owners nationally – more than double the industry average of 11%.

In support of our female employees, many of our regions have formed groups as a way to empower and learn from each other while making an impact in their local communities along the way.



Our California Women of W.E. O’Neil had a busy 2021 and are gearing up to be just as busy in 2022! Focused on support, outreach and growth for women at W.E. O’Neil and throughout Southern California, they facilitated several professional development and social events for W.E. O’Neil women in their region in 2021. This year, they have several programs lined up, starting with the San Diego Habitat for Humanity Women Build event in April! The California group is also putting an emphasis on networking and recruiting more women into the company and the construction industry.


This week marks one year since the Women of W.E. O’Neil group in Colorado was formed! With a mission of creating an inclusive environment for all, the Colorado group has developed a series of events and activities throughout 2022 that will support and encourage their female employees. They recently put on a training event for all employees about resilient leadership, and have many more offerings catered to W.E. O’Neil women in their region. These include a self-defense class, a group obstacle course/bonding event, a presentation to the Society of Women Engineers at the Colorado School of Mines, and bringing in a guest speaker on workforce intersectionality.


In Chicago, the Women of W.E. O’Neil group has been busy planning for the year to come. For the past several years, women in the Chicago region have participated in Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program, helping other women achieve their dreams of sustainable home ownership. Though the women’s group in our Chicago office has been loosely in place for years because of this, the 2021 Women Build event was the catalyst for more intentionally forming the Women of W.E. O’Neil group in Chicago at the end of 2021. This group is planning several additional programs and volunteer opportunities for its female employees in 2022!


Each of these groups is looking forward to the impact they’re able to make for women at W.E. O’Neil and throughout the construction industry, this year and beyond!


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