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Brian Ramsay

Chief Executive Officer

Brian started his career at W.E. O’Neil in 1988 as our California region’s first project engineer. Over the next decade, he grew his estimating and project management skills while developing the CA region’s aerospace portfolio.

In 1999, Brian oversaw the successful launch of a new subsidiary office in Denver while maintaining his role as vice president of the CA office. In 2003, Brian was promoted to president of the CA office, and in 2014 he became CEO of O’Neil nationally.

“Opportunity is why I’m still working at O’Neil,” says Brian. “In my 35 years here, I’ve always been given the opportunity to take on more, to open the Denver office, start a self-perform group, to run a special projects group, to open a Nashville office. They rarely said no when you ask for an opportunity.”

Brian encourages a culture of opportunity at O’Neil, developing and promoting from within. Crediting several key mentors in guiding him through formative years of his career, he extends that foundation of learning  to those he directly manages as well as being an advocate for our internship and internal mentoring programs. Generous at heart, Brian also gives back to both the schools that train our builders and to various entities in his community.

The W.E. O’Neil value that resonates the most for me is ‘We build great relationships.’ The most rewarding part of our industry is not only leaving behind the projects that we build, but also the bonds that were built during these projects. My long-term relationships with customers, subcontractors, and employees are a huge part of my career and legacy with O’Neil.

Brian Ramsay, Chief Executive Officer

Years of Experience


Los Angeles

Joined W.E. O’Neil



  • B.S., Civil Engineering – Clarkson University
  • M.S.C.E., Construction Management – University of Illinois



Five Things

Backyard Wiffle Ball • Tom Petty • Skiing • LeRoy Neiman, Artist • Larry Bird, Celtics