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Brian Konie

Chief Information Officer

As Chief Information Officer of O’Neil Industries, Inc., Brian Konie believes that technology is as much about the people as it is about the hardware and software. True to our company values, he builds relationships to ensure that our people’s vision and strategy is easily turned into reality.

Throughout his over 20 years in the construction industry, Brian has been a change agent in several areas including training, enterprise resource planning and project management software, core infrastructure, BIM, and mobility.

Brian is a collaborative technology leader delivering people-first solutions that enhance value and improve efficiency. Maintaining a holistic view of the enterprise, he understands the functions of all departments and strives to turn business challenges into achievements.

During my career, mentors have taught me so many things. Just a few are that change is hard and can’t happen overnight, to accept my weaknesses and honor my strengths, that it is okay to be vulnerable, and to put my trust in the team. Also the value of progress over perfection: it is better to move forward inch by inch than to wait for the perfect moment.
Most importantly, they’ve shown that these principles aren’t just things you read in books—I’ve seen my mentors exhibit these in their lives, and the positive effects. And most most importantly, I’ve learned that I can change and grow as a leader, even if it is hard.

Brian Konie, Chief Information Officer

Years of Experience


Los Angeles

Joined W.E. O’Neil



  • B.S., Computer Science – DePaul University



Five Things

Crosswords • Beastie Boys • Craft Beer • Cooking/Grilling • 80s Movies