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Promotions in California: Congratulations Matthew Runyan, Zack Mead and Francisco Manrique

We are proud to announce the promotion of Matthew Runyan to Personnel Development Manager.

Matthew has made an impact on the training and development of new and current employees and builds upon the values of W.E. O’Neil culture. He has shown his dedication to Building Great Relationships and will be a significant contributor to improving our culture and social interaction. Congratulations Matthew.


Please join us in congratulating Zack Mead to Project Manager.

Zack has proven his leadership abilities once again as he has been promoted three times since he joined in 2016. Most recently, he led the W.E. O’Neil team to the successful completion of Rincon Government Center and is now leading our Cahuilla Casino project. We are very fortunate to have Zack on our team. Congratulations Zack!


Please join us in congratulating Francisco Manrique on his transition to Project Manager.

Francisco is a team player. His dedication and capabilities played a huge role in obtaining TCO almost a month ahead of schedule at the Belmont Village Aliso Viejo project. Frank has now elected to parlay his extensive field knowledge into a role as a Project Manager. Congratulations Francisco!