We act with Integrity in all of our interactions never compromising our business ethics. This is the cornerstone of who we are as a company, and is essential to our future success.


It is our priority to hire, train and retain exceptional employees by ensuring that they grow both personally and professionally, and that they are rewarded for performance. We enhance their careers through ownership, increased challenges, mentoring, training and leadership development. We encourage and support our employees in becoming responsible corporate citizens, leading balanced lives and being accountable to one another.


We believe that all team members make an important contribution to the success of our business. Because teamwork is a process that flourishes when we have leaders at all levels of the company, we are committed to becoming a learning organization in which we recognize that we can all be learners, teachers, and doers.


We look forward to increasing shareholder value through profitability, return on equity, and satisfied customers. It is an indicator of our success, and a driver in our business. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan and continual family ownership both reinforce the importance of Shareholder Value.


We aim to gain a clear grasp of our clients needs, and to meet those needs through proactive problem solving and teamwork; the synergy between the OII team and the customer’s team is key. All of our project teams are dedicated to building facilities that contribute to our customer’s corporate vision. We are always excited about learning more and more of our customer’s business.


We value quality and deliver excellence in all of our products and services. All employees are dedicated to our quality mantra: Safety, On Time, and On Budget — every time.