I appreciate that the company strives to uphold their values and puts a significant interest in relationships within and outside of the company, rather than only judging success by the bottom line. I see myself continuing to grow and getting the opportunity to build a wide range of exciting projects.

Chelsea Hoffman, LEED GA, EIT – Assistant Project Manager

Moser Grey

“As a superintendent it is great to know that we not only have the support and backing of the job team, but that upper management values its employees and is always there to listen with an open door. At W.E. O’Neil, building great relationships is not just talk, but a real commitment proven by the great repeat-customers that we get to work with. We don’t just look at our jobs as another building to build; they’re something we can come back to years later and take pride in.”

Steve Moser – Project Superintendent

Scanlan for ENR

“W.E. O’Neil goes to great lengths to foster and maintain a culture which revolves around its core values of integrity, teamwork, and excellence. Their unparalleled devotion to improving and supporting employees, both personally and professionally, not only makes W.E. O’Neil a desirable place to work, but also guarantees its clients will receive the highest quality of work in the industry. I take exceptional pride in being part of such a well-regarded company, and I look forward to what the future brings.”

Ross Scanlan – Project Engineer


Since I started with WE O’Neil as a Project Engineer, my leadership and communication skills have improved significantly. I love my job because every day is different and I am always faced with new and exciting challenges. Our project team consists of smart, ambitious, organized people who work together and constantly motivate me to be the best engineer I can be.

Mike Bauer – Project Engineer

LouReiner Commence

I have spent the better part of my career at W.E. ONeil, 37 years to be more precise. This is a “family of Companies” and I have seen this to be true for my entire career. Even in my early days as a Project Engineer, communication has always been very open and available. The doors are always open. In addition, I have seen billions of dollars of construction in my career with W.E. O’Neil and never once did I see anyone in the firm waiver from providing the best possible product for the Owners regardless of the efforts and cost needed. We have always delivered what we have been hired to do. I chose the right company to work for and develop my career in the Chicago construction industry.

Lou – Project Executive, Senior Vice President


“Our People are our Competitive Edge” is one of W.E. O’Neil’s values that has positively impacted my development at this company. W.E. O’Neil has given me opportunities beyond my normal job duties to grow as a well-rounded professional through leading various committees, contributions to strategic planning, and participation in training and recruiting efforts. These opportunities have shown me how W.E. O’Neil truly demonstrates their values and how they care about the development of each and every employee.

Margaret Troia, LEED GA – Project Manager

Matt Crane

Coming from another construction company, I always heard a lot of talk about integrity and doing things the right way; however, at W.E. O’Neil these principles are a way of life rather than simply discussion points. I am proud to be a part of W.E. O’Neil and stand behind not only our finished product, but the manner in which we complete the work as well.

Matt – LEED GA, Assistant Project Manager

Brad Garlick 110411-2

“W.E. O’Neil is an extension of my family. It is truly a pleasure to come into work everyday knowing that you get to work with a group of people that all share the same values and beliefs. I am proud to represent W.E. O’Neil and look forward to helping make this the best construction company possible.”

Brad Garlick – Estimator