Since 1925, the construction industry has seen steady growth of the company that embraces people as its number one asset. Our award-winning family of construction companies, both employee and family owned, is recognized as an industry leader, bringing an impressive history of customers and projects from Connecticut to California and many points between. Moving from labor only to heavy machinery to state-of-the-art technology, through the Great Depression and, recently, the Great Recession, and having completed multiple projects exceeding 1,000,000 square feet in size, our focus still remains on our values which have remained constant for close to a century. Repeat business is the barometer of our success.

artFrom his humble beginnings as an office boy in the early 1900’s at the architectural firm of Daniel H. Burnham, William E. O’Neil could not have imagined the world of innovation and technology that has shaped the way we do business today at W.E. O’Neil. We exceed our clients’ business objectives by utilizing what we have learned throughout our history and applying new technologies and modern construction techniques. All the way through this process of innovation and automation, one thing has remained constant throughout a century of change: the relationship between the client and contractor that is still based on the traditional family values instilled by our founder William E. O’Neil.

Voices From the Past

artOneilArt O’Neil formally joined W.E. O’Neil in 1935, eleven years after his father had founded it in Chicago. He always carried with him a strong sense of commitment to serving his employees, his customers, and his community. As Art helped the Company grow, his vision was of an organization of dedicated men and women working for a common cause. Those who knew him saw him practice this belief both professionally and socially. On July 16, 1999 at the age of 86, Art O’Neil passed away at home in Chicago.

Listen to Art O’Neil on “The Quality of O’Neil’s Work”