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Los Angeles World Airports Award to W.E. O'Neil


Los Angeles World Airports awarded W. E. O'Neil Construction Company of California a contract in the amount of $84 million for Phase 2 of the ongoing Elevator and Escalator Upgrade program at LAX. This award comes on the heels of W. E. O'Neil's successful completion of Phase 1 of the program, which totaled $13 million.

The upgrade program involves the replacement of existing elevators, escalators and moving walkways with modern transit rated equipment. Because the new equipment is larger and heavier than the existing equipment, the scope of work involves structural, electrical, mechanical and architectural modifications as well.

Phase 2 consists of the replacement of 59 elevators, 46 escalators and three moving walkways throughout the airport with the work spread over a 46 month period in order to minimize disruption to daily operations. The contract also includes various ADA and Fire/Life Safety upgrades at many of the terminal spaces. The prioritization of airport operations necessitates the use of two work shifts, as certain operations can only be performed at night.

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